Our Story


Martha Llamas and her husband Ron met gunsmithing artist Jerron G at a Phoenix gun show. They were captivated by his intricate Dia de los Muertos-themed gold plated 1911. Recognizing Jerron’s artistry and his unique custom firearm creations, Martha saw a business opportunity to make one-of-a-kind functional art heirlooms.

Together, Martha, Ron and Jerron are launching “Blou Llamas Creations” to bring Jerron’s artistic talents to a wider audience of gun owners, seeking to commission personalized works worthy of becoming family treasures. With Martha’s business acumen and Jaron’s creative gifts, they have assembled a skilled team to showcase these artistically customized firearms, that astonish with both beauty and craftsmanship.

Jerron Grimm is an artist, designer, and creator with an educational background in the fine arts, and commercial graphic design.

“I’ve always had the mind and skills to create,” says Jerron. “If I wasn’t building with Legos, I was drawing or taking apart electronics to build something else. That included bikes, treehouses, and creating tools to make other tasks easier.”

“After earning my master’s degree in criminal justice, along with a degree in forensics, I pursued my goal of working in those fields. I had seen a particular firearm with a Día De Los Muertos theme on its frame. I thought it fitting for what I do for work. After having the gun for a while, I wanted it engraved. The first business I reached out to, gave me a quote for the work and told me that the wait time was 15 months for delivery. Not wanting to wait, I researched the licensing, permits, skills, and equipment needed to start this myself. I was determined to create a top-notch, firearm customization company.

My little business was soon “taking off,” and I began looking for a qualified investor to expand.

Martha Llamas came to my booth at a gun show in Phoenix, and fell in love with a second, gold 1911 with the Dia de Los Muertos theme. She purchased it on-the-spot, then cordially asked if I was looking for a business partner. What timing! I was taken back and said, why yes… I am. I now have a terrific partner, who not only believes in me, but in my vision for our growing company as much as I do.” -Jerron

Customizing firearms isn’t just about functionality; it’s a blend of preserving history, expressing personal values, and showcasing artistic mastery, transforming them into more than tools, but into meaningful artifacts and works of art.

– Martha Llamas

Our Values




We transform firearms into sublime works of art with intricate engravings that capture the fearless elegance of our creativity.



Reflecting on our finished projects transports our clients in ways only great art can. We often provoke tears of joy.



We are a company that believes in family values, honesty, duty, loyalty and respect. This is reflected in our craftsmanship.


2nd Ammendment

gives citizens the means to defend American ideals of freedom and self-reliance from which our business operates.



Many of our works reflect the bravery and selfless commitment of our nations’ patriotic military veterans and first responders.


We Live It

Whether working from your ideas or our own, we breathe life into our art for you to enjoy for a lifetime, then leave as a legacy. 

We can help you with any project

Through creative ideas, innovation & sheer determination